Building a high performing team involves understanding: Who is on the team, determining What you work on, defining When and How you operate, and driving in the same direction for the same purpose; also known as the Why.

We offer the following workshops to help build your high performing team: 

Who: gaining self-awareness and appreciation of others' contributions by completing a Team Management Profile, then participating in a Team Forming Workshop.

What: packaging the company Strategy in to achievable deliverables using the Objectives and Key Results method. These facilitated workshops help chunk down the long term strategy in to individual execution plans with 12 months and 90 day goals.


When and How: establishing Meeting and Reporting cadence and etiquette. Then defining your cultural enablers such as Behavioural values, Rituals, Ceremonies and Celebrations.


Why: defining and embedding Purpose, Vision and Founding Story. Supported and curated by your company Stories and Artefacts

Career Coaching


Are you feeling you're at a crossroads in your career? Do you feel there's something holding you back from being your best self, or you're not sure how to navigate your next step?


Jules can help you to gain clarity and set you on your own track for success. Just like athletes use a coach to provide perspective, support and accountability.


Your coaching programme includes clarifying your goals, action plans to achieve them, accountability methods to ensure commitment, and suitable resources to support you to thrive.

Work Preference


A self-assessment tool to gain awareness on work preferences and the roles we prefer to play within a team context. 


These insights are beneficial both for individuals and teams.

For individuals this assessment will identify where they flourish at work, and highlight the work that brings them joy, as well as opportunities for development. 


For teams this experience builds understanding of their peers, the make-up of the team and helps them determine how they can effectively work together.