Thrive People helps people to thrive at work

We strongly believe that a successful organisation depends on the collective greatness of it's most inspiring resources- the people. That is why we focus on helping people to thrive at work. 

Thrive People came from the discovery that many good-intentioned company's spend a lot of their precious bandwidth reacting to people problems. However the company's who proactively invested and developed their people tend to have less problems to react to. We have learned that by enabling people to do the work they love, in a team that supports them, it helps people to thrive at work.

How do we do this? In the words of Confucious:

do the work you love, love the work you do

Most people have a gut-feel on the work they don't like doing. Equally they also intuitively know which work is fun and brings them joy. However busy teams rarely have the tools to articulate or the forum to share what helps them to thrive at work. Thrive People facilitates team effectiveness workshops to understand the contributions people bring, the types of work they love doing, and how to effectively work with them. 


We also appreciate that development is personal. To grow oneself is a vulnerable, sometimes lonely, and uncomfortable process. We provide transformational coaching to support people to discover the work they love, and go beyond their comfort zone to achieve their career goals.  


Jules Simpson

Lead Coach and Facilitator

As a coach, I respect the power of a perfectly framed question. Always in awe of its ability to empower a person to unlock a solution or break through a barrier.

It also brings me great joy to see people thrive when they leave their comfort zone. Which is why when I'm not developing leaders through Coaching, I have been a leader at a few Toastmasters clubs. In this forum I help to build courage in others to let their voice be heard.

My passion for development doesn't only extend to others, but it is something I actively practice on myself. You'll often see me attending TED conferences, learning about the latest ways of working innovations or listening to the next big ideas on a podcast.

When I'm not learning about new ideas, I'm normally riding bikes with my young family, testing my balance at a yoga class, or schooling my friends at Quiddler. 

If you are curious how I can assist with your development give me a call.